Branded Leaflets

Peepal Mortgages & Estate Agents

Creative Direction, Branding Strategy, Design & Print Fulfilment


Throughout our partnership, we designed many leaflets and flyers to promote Peepal’s offering to its target audience. Some of the leaflets were distributed via local leaflet distribution companies whereas some were dropped locally by staff and supporters.

We strategised and implemented different approaches to stand out from the generic Estate/Letting Agent leaflets that you’d normally get through the letterbox.

In one campaign, we focused on the people behind the team and made them the main highlight to put a face to the brand, and to emphasise the notion of Peepal being a local agent. Also, it fit in perfectly with Peepal’s Branding as the company’s slogan is ‘Peepal for the People’.

On another campaign, we took a very different approach. We put ‘Man’s Best Friend’ as the main focus of the campaign.

Through brainstorming and moodboarding with the client, we conceptualised on a theme of warm, homely, fun, and playfulness, something which is lacking in the Property Industry. It’s all quite repetitive, stagnant, and a bit boring if we’re honest.

So to change that, we did some digging and crafted a project where the design, copywriting, and imagery centred around the chosen themes. Long story short, we ended up with a campaign that was quite memorable and effective for brand awareness and getting people’s attention.

Plus, it was good for the viewer as well because the design has dogs on them, and who doesn’t like dogs, right!?

But having said that, we have also designed other leaflets that quintessentially fit the Estate Agency style. Sometimes creating a familiar design works wonders, especially when you are a new guy in town trying to compete with older bigger guys.

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