Fishtail Accounting

Accounting Firm

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Value Added Tax, Management Accounting, Budgeting & Forecasting


Whether you are a small business looking to take on your first employees or a larger organisation looking to outsource your payroll service, Fishtail Accounting Services are able to assist.

Fishtail approached us to create a full bespoke branding package to launch their new business. It was an exciting project where we undertook a lot of branding, strategy, creative, as well as administration side of things.

Below is the logo we created for them. It is geometrical and constructed out of cubes for the following reasons:

• Square shapes are found in mathematical equations, calculators, fill in the box exam papers, etc.

• Square means everything is equal. A good accountant is someone who keeps everything balanced and stable, just like a square.

• Squares being a solid shape has a lot of versatility and can be arranged to form a bigger shape, which not only adds to the notion of building things, but also to the formula of additions.

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