Peepal Estate Agents

Estate Agent, Letting Agent

Leaflet Design, Printing & Fulfilment


Throughout our partnership, we designed many leaflets and flyers to promote PEA’s offering to its target audience. Some of the leaflets were distributed locally via door-to-door leaflet drops.

We took a slightly different approach to the generic Estate/Letting Agent leaflets; We focused on the people behind the team, The ‘Agents’ behind Peepal Estate Agents, and made them the main highlight. The idea was to put a face to the brand, rather than have a house, or a picturesque landscape.

Oh and of course we created a few designs with dogs on them, because who doesn’t like dogs, right!?

But having said that, we have also designed other leaflets that quintessentially fit the Estate Agency style. Sometimes creating a familiar design works wonders, especially when you are a new guy in town trying to compete with older bigger guys.

Some More Cool Projects